What is Electroforming?

The way I make my copper jewellery is through a process called 'electroforming' - it's a bit like a Year 11 chemistry class mixed with a bit of magic - basically alchemy for the modern ages! It allows me to set raw crystals in recycled copper by transferring particles from copper sheet onto a copper ring, setting the crystals in place as it does so.

It's a completely unpredictable process, resulting in different settings and textures each time - every single ring is unique. Tumble and Rose rings make the perfect ring for someone who wants something a little bit different - natural and unrefined. Because of the way the copper forms, the ring bands may have texturing and the settings will not be smooth - the crystals will not sit flush, so please bear this in mind.

All of the crystals used in my rings are ethically sourced, either directly from the miners themselves, or small family run businesses (actually all of the materials I use, from acrylic in my necklaces to the packaging in my parcels are!).

Copper jewellery care -
These rings can be kept shiny with a polishing cloth. Please keep clean and dry. Copper can tarnish as it oxidises and after contact with the elements but can be easily restored to its original beauty with a bit of a polish. As the oxidisation happens, some people may experience tinging on their skin, but this is harmless & can be easily solved with clear nail polish on the band. Please be careful with things like jumpers as these rings do not have a smooth setting or stone and may catch on things if you are not careful.