How to iron on a patch

Iron on bee patch

Our iron on patches are some of my favourite products, and I'm really happy with how they've turned out!

If you've never had a patch before and want some info on how to customise your favourite jacket, bag top or whatever else, hopefully this page will give you some tips...

First up, decide where you want to put your patch! Once you've ironed it into place, it's pretty much not going to budge so you need to make a decision. All of the patches in our range have iron on backings, but can be sewn on if you'd prefer a little less commitment...Also consider if the place you're planning to iron on your patch to can withstand ironing - polyester fabrics might not fare too well...

Now you've decided you really want your patch somewhere forever, grab an iron, ironing board and spare bit of clean cloth, along with your patch and it's final destination. The clean cloth is to protect your patch from the iron, in case it's too hot or a bit dirty - you want to keep that patch looking pristine!

Pop your iron on to a high setting with the steam turned off (suitable for your fabric - if you're not sure, keep it on the lower end to start with), and arrange your patch on top of it's new home. Place these on the ironing board. The embroidery side should be face up, and the iron on backing should be in contact with the material it is to be fused on to. Place your clean cloth over the patch and apply the iron for 15-30 seconds, pressing down firmly.

At this point, take away the iron and cloth and check how your patch is getting on. The iron on backing should have melted and your patch should be fused in place. If it's not sealed all the way round, or the corners are lifting, replace the cloth and repeat the heat and checking, until you're sure it won't budge.

Leave to cool, and admire your new patch!

I'd love to see where our patches end up - please share your patch photos and tag them @tumbleandrose or #tumbleandrose :)