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  • October news: new things, eco gift wrap and big changes...

    Just a few things to cover in this quick update, namely September’s Butterfly Conservation donation, some new products, new gift wrap options, suggested last order dates for Christmas and some big news about the future of Tumble and Rose, so let’s get started eh?
  • What to expect from our Botanical Candle workshops

    If you follow me on Instagram, or have popped by my studio recently, you might know that I teach botanical candle workshops, usually in the Production House at my studio. There’s only so much I can pop in an Eventbrite info section, so I thought I’d do a little blog post on what to expect from one of the workshops –these are constantly evolving as people give me feedback on them, so if you’ve already been to one, they might be a little different now!
  • Craft Diaries // That time I learnt: Copper Etching

    One of my goals for this year was to learn all the new crafts I‘ve been thinking about, and to be honest I didn’t really get my butt into gear until about July when I started booking myself onto ALL the workshops. Jewellery technique wise, I’m pretty much entirely self taught - this self teaching, especially in the case of Electroforming, can be a bit of a trial and error process, so when I saw that Farnham Maltings were offering a workshop on Copper Etching, I jumped at the chance....
  • 11 ways to be more eco friendly as a small business

    One of the things I realised is that as a small business, I can’t save the world, but I can definitely reduce the impact that I have – as my business is still small, I have the option to make conscious choices about the stuff I do and things I put out into the world – no-one is making decisions for me, and although in some instances that is terrifying, in terms of eco-friendliness it’s actually a great thing!

     If you’re just starting a small business or have one but want to up your green credentials, I’ve had a little think about 11 ways to help do this – I hope you find them useful!

  • August in review: Conservation, naan bread and Pinterest

    August seems to have flown by in a haze of ridiculously hot days and busy weekends, so I thought I’d take this chance to jot down a few highlights for this month and let you know some news for September…
  • Craft Diaries // That time I learnt: Giant Arm Knitting

    Fancy learning how to arm knit? Read on to find out how I got started, see my finished blanket, where the giant wool comes from, and just how easy it is! Part of my craft diaries series.
  • July Butterfly Conservation donation

    It's the 1st of the month, which means I've just donated the total raised from last month's pin sales - thank you!
  • June Butterfly Conservation Donation

    Just sent off the donations for June to Butterfly Conservation - thank you! We raised £10 this month through 5 pin sales - 1 through this website, 1 on Etsy and 3 in person. As a reminder, £2 from the sale of each of these pins and £3 from the sale of each of these rings gets donated at the end of each month. Our runni...
  • 11 tips for starting a small creative business

    I get quite a few messages over on the Tumble and Rose Instagram asking for tips for starting a small business so I thought I would put my thoughts to paper (or blog post as it were) so anyone who does want to can learn from my experiences...
  • May Butterfly Conservation donation

    Just sent off the donations for May to Butterfly Conservation - thank you! We raised £18 this month through 9 pin sales - 6 through this website and 3 on Etsy. As a reminder, £2 from the sale of each of these pins and £3 from the sale of each of these rings gets donated at the end of each month.
  • April Butterfly Conservation donation

    The first donation to Butterfly Conservation - yay! £2 from the sale of each of these pins and £3 from the sale of each of these rings gets donated at the end of each month...
  • Limited Edition Pin - Tumble & Rose in aid of Butterfly Conservation

    One of the things I’ve been pondering lately is how I can make more of a positive impact with my little corner of the internet – I’ve reduced my packaging, focused on using recycled materials, cut out plastic and only use ethically sourced stones in my rings, but there’s still so far to go, so I’ve decided to create a little range each season or so to raise funds for conservation charities...