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Tutorial: How to paint a watercolour moon

This tutorial will teach you how to create beautiful watercolour moons. The moon is so magical and really lends itself to this style of art – there’s so many ways you can add your own stamp to this, you don’t just have to stick to grey! You could even experiment by blocking out some of the circle to make a crescent moon… 
you will need

You will need:

A geometry compass (or something circular)


Watercolour paper

Watercolour paints

A thick(ish) brush and fine brush for detail

White gouache or acrylic paint

Take your compass (or circular object) and draw a very faint circle in pencil. This will be the outline of your moon. 
add water
Dip a clean, thick-ish brush in water, and fill in the circle with a fine layer of water – this will cause more bleeding when paint is applied and give the classic watercolour effect. 
watercolour moon


Starting with your darkest colour, fill in the bottom corner of your moon, diluting across the moon as you go, creating a lighter colour gradient.

Add more colours to your preference – be sure to get a mix of lighter and darker areas. Leave to dry.


watercolour moon
add gouache
Take your fine brush and dip in your white gouache or acylic paint. Add detail to your moon such as flecks and light strokes. Leave to dry.
moon detail
watercolour moon
Your moon art is ready! You can display the art like this, or go one step further and add drieds flowers – see this tutorial for inspo!
moon wall art

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