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Tutorial: How to paint a denim jacket moon scene

Remember a few years ago there was a trend for tie dye and studded denim shorts and painted jackets? Well, here at Tumble and Rose, it never really left!
Follow this tutorial to customise your own badass denim jacket (obviously you can paint any design you like!) 
how to paint a denim jacket
You will need:
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
Denim jacket
Masking tape
Something to put behind your jacket to protect your work surface (we used printer paper!)
painting a jean jacket
Mask around the edges of where you will put your design. We used the seams around the jacket's back panel, but it's up to you!
paint your own denim jacket
Paint on a base layer of white paint. This is super important if you are painting a darker denim as otherwise all the paint colours will be lost in the denim - it basically creates a blank canvas for you to start from. Less important for lighter colours of denim, but you can still do it to prevent a blue tinge. 
denim jacket tutorial
Paint on your first layer of colour. We're doing a hazy forest summer night type thing, so we layered on the lighter colours at the top.
custom denim jacket
Keep layering up the colours until you are happy. Leave to dry for a couple of hours in between layers - this helps stop the colours bleeding into each other.
moon denim jacket
Once your background is dry, paint on any details with a detail brush. Anything like this white moon will need a few coats! 
painted jean jacket
Whilst the final layer is still tacky, peel off the masking tape to reveal lovely crisp edges! Once entirely dry, some paints require heat sealing with an iron, others don't - make sure you follow the instructions on your packet! 
(We still wouldn't recommend chucking your jacket in the washing machine though - patch clean from now on!) 
painted denim jacket
You now have your very own, totally unique, jacket to wear! We'd love to see if you give this a go - tag @tumbleandrose on Instagram x

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