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Tutorial: How to make scrunchies from scrap fabric

Scrunchies seem to have made a comeback, and we couldn't be happier! Fun, adaptable and better for your hair, scrunchies are super easy to make, so why not do something with that scrap pile of fabric and get your scrunchie on?!
scrunchie tools
You will need:
Scrap fabric (longer pieces work better)
Either a sewing machine, or a needle, thread and knowledge of a simple running stitch
cut your scrunchie length
Take your fabric, and cut a 10cm by 50cm length. Wider if you want a thicker scrunchie, and longer if you want more 'scrunch'.

Cut your elastic to 20cm.


sew your material into a tube

Right sides (design side) facing inward, fold your fabric lengthways and sew the long free side to create an inside out fabric tube.

rightside in tube

Turn this tube rightside out, and on the inside edge of one of the sides, place a few stiches to secure your elastic to the inside of the tube.

rightside out

stitch to one edge

Grab the free end of your elastic and pull through the fabric tube so it scrunches up. Sew the free elastic edge to the other edge of the fabric tube in the same way.

length of scrunchie

You should end up with a length of scunchie.

Attach the two ends together by turning on end of the tube in on itself to create a hem fold, and place the other end of the tube through this to create a circle.

Sew a running stitch in a straight line down the middle of this join to hold in place.

finished scrunchie

Tada! Admire your scrunchie and start looking for more fabric scraps you can scrunchie-fy!

different scrunchies

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