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Tutorial: How to make magical dried flower resin 'crystal' points

A super easy tutorial for you if you want to start getting into resin! You will need a specific mold for this one, but the process is the same for any mold you use. A heads up that this is a super easy tutorial, but it does take time for the resin to set – around 3 days!

In this tutorial, we used resin, mica and a mold from Resin8 but the process should be fairly similar for any brand of resin – when in doubt, follow the instructions on your resin pack. 


resin kit

You will need:

Two part resin – resin and hardener

Mixing pot and lolly stick

Crystal mold

Coloured mica (we used purple)

Dried flowers

Safety gear – goggles and gloves


mix resin and hardner

Safety first pals! Do NOT breathe in the resin, always use goggles and gloves, and use in a well ventilated area.

Mix a small amount of resin to hardener in your mixing pot and stir well! (Resin8 is 2:1 and suggested stirring time of 3 mins) 


add mica for colour
Add your mica to your resin – more mica if you want a deeper, more opaque colour, and less mica if you want to be able to see your flowers well and just have a light shimmer. Stir well!
add iridescent flakes
Pour a little bit of resin mix into the mold. Sprinkle in your dried flowers. 
pour first layer and add flowers
Note, your flowers will float to the top of the resin, which will be the bottom of your crystal once removed. In this one we used a flower stalk and created a support for it out of a bobby pin.
support flower stem
If you want your flowers at different points throughout the crystal, you will need to pour your resin in stages, add the flowers, wait for that level to set (around 24 hours) and then repeat the process until you are happy with your crystal. You also need to do that if you want different colour layers in your crystal!
pour final layer
 Leave for around 3 days, and remove from your mold. Tada! A beautiful floral crystal. Now, go forth and experiment, and tag @tumbleandrose so we can see what you come up with!
resin crystal

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