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Tutorial: How to create dried flower watercolour moons

 Following on from the magical watercolour moon tutorial, you can go one step further and add beautiful dried flowers for a one of a kind piece!
how to watercolour moon

You will need:

Watercolour moon from this tutorial

Dried, pressed flowers

PVA glue

Thick paintbrush


floral moon
Take your moon art and pop a splodge of PVA into the middle of the circle. Spread this to the outline of the moon with your clean paintbrush.
floral moon tutorial
Think about your placement of your flowers. Note these must be completely dry and flat! If there is any moisture in them they will go mouldy, and are more likely to come away from the art if they aren’t flat.
moon wall art
Sprinkle your first layer of flowers, and then carefully place the rest in the design you would like. Press these into the glue with the pointy end of your paintbrush. Leave to dry.
leave to dry

 Apply a second layer of PVA to your moon, making sure to cover the flowers. This will act as a varnish layer and help keep the flowers in place. Leave to dry.

You can either leave your moon on the paper it is on, or cut out your moon and glue to black card to mimic the night sky – the choice is yours!


dried flower watercolour moon

Admire your magical work of art.

If you give this a go, tag @tumbleandrose on Instagram so we can see!

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