October news: new things, eco gift wrap and big changes...

Hello everyone! I haven’t been quite as wonderful at keeping up with the blog as I promised myself I’d be, but as I’ll talk about in a little bit, I’m trying not to stress myself out about it!
Just a few things to cover in this quick update, namely September’s Butterfly Conservation donation, some new products, new gift wrap options, suggested last order dates for Christmas and some big news about the future of Tumble and Rose, so let’s get started eh?
In September we sold 7 butterfly pins, which means a donation of £14 to Butterfly Conservation – thanks to everyone that has bought a pin so far – you can grab one here if you want!
Butterfly donation
There are some exciting new products in the shop too, namely the new celestial cat patch based on my Felis design and these raw opal sterling silver rings, which I am so so happy with – they’re made to order and make such a beautiful Christmas gift…which brings me nicely onto the next couple of items on the agenda, gift wrap and Christmas posting dates!
silver raw opal ring
I’ll start with the less fun one first – Royal Mail have put up their Christmas suggested last posting dates, however in my experience, they can have delays of up to 6(!) weeks shipping internationally, and there’s also rumours of a strike around Christmas, so if you’re looking to get something from Tumble and Rose as a Christmas present, I’d do it sooner rather than later!
 If you’re international, I’d really push you to order in November to be on the safe side, and please please remember that I can’t control the post, so I have no way of guaranteeing when it will arrive. Please don’t be like the lady who emailed me on Christmas Eve a few years ago having ordered a ring only two days before to tell me that I’d ‘RUINED CHRISTMAS!!!’ – it stresses me out way too much...
I’ve sorted out my gift wrap options now so everything gift wrapped is wrapped in beautiful recycled magazine art pages and paper twine. This is a free upgrade if you order through this website as a thank you!
 eco gift wrap
And finally, a little bit about the direction I want to take Tumble and Rose in after Christmas (because hopefully the run up to Christmas will be way too busy for me to think about it – fingers crossed!). I’m trying to remove extra stress in my life as I’m working every waking moment (I also have a corporate job alongside this somehow) and one of the biggest stressors for me is my copper rings. I use a process called electroforming and it can be pretty hit and miss – when a batch of rings is ruined it genuinely keeps me awake at night panicking about how I’m going to fix it, so basically I’ve decided to move away from electroforming altogether!
This means that over the next couple of months, I’m going to be using up my supplies and then that’s that for my raw copper rings! I will offer most of them as silver alternatives over time, but if you desperately wanted one of my copper creations, now is the time to get one as I can’t guarantee what sizes etc I’ll be able to create before my kit runs out. It does also mean that I won’t really need a studio space anymore as I can make my silver stuff at home…Lots of big decisions for me to make but hopefully for the best - I’m also going to try and build out my blog and Instagram a bit more so you can follow my journey as this all changes…
Anyway, that's enough ramblings for now! If you've got any questions, drop me an email or come and say hi on Instagram!
- Helen xo

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  • Omg the silver ring is amazing thanks I highly recommend, just buy buy buy. The two copper rings I also brought are just so flashy and amazing. However I understand this is a difficult technique, so get in there while you can is my recommendation!!! Thanks so much xxx

    Jude Greenwood

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