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March in review...

March seems like it has gone on forever, but that’s probably because I’ve been so busy the whole month – I’ve crammed so much in! One of my goals for this year was to get back into the blog, which hasn’t been overly successful so far, but I’m determined to give it another shot, so here is the first of my monthly review posts, in which I’ll recap the month just gone, and also announce the winner of that months’ pin or ring from the #tumbleandrose competitions over on Instagram…

So what’s been going on in the world of Tumble and Rose?

I both kicked off the month and finished the month at Old Spitalfields market in London with Urban Makers. The first date I did was Sunday 3rd and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect! The stands are absolutely beautiful wooden configurations which I knew would go well with my displays but I wasn’t prepared for quite how much space I’d have – I was also worried about being covered in pigeon poop as I was warned this was an issue – luckily I escaped poop free! The market itself wasn’t my most successful to date, as I think people tend to grab a coffee and flowers and just have a look around as opposed to intense shopping (which I also desperately wanted to do) but I met some absolutely lovely people, and a girl from Spain who follows me on Instagram sent her parents to find me, which absolutely made my day!

 he following weekend saw the introduction of my private teaching sessions – my first student Molly came in to the studio for her 13th birthday and learnt a range of silver techniques, leaving with a celestial jewellery set she made herself – drop me a note if you’d like to have a private workshop – I’m doing wedding rings next month for a lovely couple, so if you have an idea, let me know!

Issue 104 of Mollie Makes magazine came out on the 21st, featuring our amethyst rings in the introducing section, and I was probably more excited for release day than I was for Christmas – I have one copy for the office shelf and one for the scrapbook. Now I’ve ticked a small feature off my list, I’m moving on to world domination…

March also saw the start of my workshops at the Sorting Office. I ran both botanical candle making and silver stamping on the 23rd and was super nervous, however they went better than I could have asked for! It was a really long day as I didn’t sleep the night before and was running around on my feet but both groups were absolutely lovely, with a great atmosphere and everything went exactly to plan, with lots of positive and useful feedback to help me shape future classes. I also re-ran the candle making three times on Mother’s Day. The next date for candles if you’d like to grab a ticket is the 16th June.

The day after my workshops, I set up shop in West Quay with ShopCreative for the first time– it wasn’t the most successful pop up I’ve ever done as it was SUCH a lovely day outside, but I met some really great new people, saw some familiar faces and the stalls were lovely. Lisa did a great job of organising!

Also new for this month is my free tumblestone with each order of jewellery if you place it through my website! The reason for this is that some platforms charge quite high fees, so it just works out better for me if you order here – it’s a win/win as I get to continue making pretty things as my business survives, and you get a free crystal!

My favourite customer picture of the month for March is this great shot of the Stripey Top Club pin by @emmafleas - congrats – I’ve sent you a DM!

To enter next months’s competition to win a lucky dip pin or ring, take a photo of your favourite Tumble and Rose item, post it on Instagram and tag us @tumbleandrose #tumbleandrose – I’ll chose my favourite for April at the end of the month.

I’ve also somehow managed to have a bit of a personal life this month too...

For James' birthday we went to Incognito which is an awesome secret gin bar in Winchester, then explored the Bombay Sapphire distillery the next day. I also went to my first drag show with the wonderful Sharon Needles, joined 9round which is a cool kickboxing gym, found out I need glasses and got super caffinated at the London Coffee Festival. Busy month!

So that was March in my little business world…now off to start a new tax year, which means shopping for new folders <3

- Helen xo

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