Jewellery that helps clean up beaches!

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I try to make my little business as eco-friendly as possible by only using recycled and recyclable materials in my packaging, using eco silver, being plastic free etc but that only goes as far as minimising my impact on the planet - it doesn't actually improve things, so I had a little think about what I wanted to do next and came up with three ideas - one, to go carbon positive, two, kinda of linked to one but to plant trees with orders, and three, to create lines of jewellery that donate to environmental causes, which is where this blog post comes in!

The first of these mini collections is ocean themed, and in aid of beach clean ups! Not only do I use waste material (beach finds) in some of the jewellery but a proportion of the sales will be donated to a beach clean up cause. I wanted to change the organisation every six months, and focus on smaller, local groups. I asked over on Instagram for some ideas and pretty perfectly one of the ones that came up a lot was Project Planet, so after looking into them a bit I decided to nominate them as the first group the proceeds will go to - the main reason being Oly literally cleans up the very beaches I go and find these treasures on, all along the Jurassic Coast - couldn't get more local than that!

For transparency, I'll add to this blog post at the end of every month (first being July 2021) with a sum of the number of sales of each item, and what that correlates to donation wise. I'll then place the donation on the project planet website and show the receipt on here. 

Any questions or ideas for future groups, give me shout!

Helen xo

Donation log!

July 2021

- 3 necklaces via website, 2 at Romsey market - 5 = £25! Donated 1st August, reference D115865161

August 2021

- 4 necklaces via website, 3 at Romsey market - 7 = £35! Donated 1st September reference D170821659

September 2021

- 4 necklaces at Bournemouth market - 4 = £20!

Donated 4th October, reference D220525298

October 2021

- 2 necklaces via website = £20

*current fundraising page closed, will donate when next one opens!*

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