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A beginner's field guide to crystals - Amethyst


One of the main pieces of feedback I have had about my boxes and jewellery is that people would like to know a bit about the meaning behind crystals, so I'll be doing a little info sheet from time to time as to the properties of each. As amethyst was one of the first crystals I worked with, and one of my favourites, I'll start with that!

•Name: Amethyst
•Form: Clusters
•Colour: Purple
•Birthstone: February
•Chakra: Crown
•Moon: Full

Amethyst is a quartz variant (Silicon Dioxide) which gets its colour from iron particles that have been exposed to radiation whilst in the earth. It is most commonly found in Brazil.

Amethyst is historically a stone of protection and transformation, channelling energy through the mind to cleanse, focus and restart. Use this to channel creativity and inspiration, as well as in the bedroom as a sleep aid. 


Are there any crystals you'd like to see the guide focus on next, or different amethyst products I could make?

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