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Workshops: What to expect from our Botanical Candle workshops

If you follow me on Instagram, or have popped by my studio recently, you might know that I teach botanical candle workshops, usually in the Production House at my studio, and sometimes at other locations (next guest spot is at Ashcroft in Fareham). There’s only so much I can pop in an Eventbrite info section, so I thought I’d do a little blog post on what to expect from one of the workshops –these are constantly evolving as people give me feedback on them, so if you’ve already been to one, they might be a little different now!
 I’m also doing some festive versions of these over the winter months, with the main differences being the botanicals we use, some calligraphy labels in case you want to use them as gifts and some new containers.
candle workshop
First things first, there’s a wide range of tea, coffee and biscuits available at every workshop. The workshops tend to start at 10 or 2, with people arriving anywhere from quarter to the hour so the first few minutes are chilled whilst people get their drink, pick their seat, have a nose at some of the posters I’ve popped by the tea point and starting reading the disclaimer I’ve put on the tables. This basically says you’ll listen to what I tell you and won’t stick your hand on the hot plate – silly I know, but my insurance requires it!
After we’ve all settled in, I’ll go through a quick health and safety talk and run through the timings of the session (if you’ve got any allergies or adjustments needed, please tell me ahead of the workshop)
We’re then straight into the theory! We use all natural materials in the workshop, from soy wax to essential oils and dried botanicals such as petals and leaves from inclusion in the candles. We talk about why we use these, the benefits of this rather than synthetics and also go through how to create your perfect essential oil blend. We use lots of families of essential oils so there is bound to be something you love – floral, citrus, herb, wood and spice.
I’ll then guide the group through making their first candle and the theory behind this, from picking a container and wick, creating wick supports, melting the wax, pouring, adding the scent and inclusions and leaving to set.
After everyone has made their first candle, it’s back to the table for more tea, scent planning and box making (to carry your candles home in) and then I let people loose! From this bit onwards I’m on hand to answer questions about scents and other things and keeping the supply of wax constant. Attendees can use this time to make as many candles as they want, or really take the time to experiment with their perfect blends. I find people tend to leave with around 8 candles, but this does vary per person! (All material costs are included in the ticket price!). 
candle workshop
Towards the end of the two hours, everyone gets a ‘last candle’ warning and then we all come back together as a group, finish our tea and do a general Q&A session where I talk about suppliers and my experiences. We also go over CLP labelling if you did want to start making candles to sell.
It’s always lovely to see the candles people make – I find that each group tends to gravitate towards different scents – I think it’s a case of when one person does it, the others realise it is a good idea so everyone makes one. It’s super interesting to see the different combinations people come up with – everything smells different to different people!
If you did want to come along to one of the workshops, you can grab tickets from my remaining dates here.
-Helen xo

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