Tutorial: Botanical star decorations from air dry clay

These are a super simple way to make your own botanical inspired tree decorations - whether you want a greener Christmas or are doing it all handmade this year, these are the perfect little addition to the tree.
clay tree decorations
You will need:
Cookie cutters
Rolling pin
Air dry clay
Foliage (I used a bit of Christmas tree)
Something to make a hole (I used a metal straw)
roll the clay
Step 1: Roll out your air dry clay to about 0.5cm thickness. I used greaseproof paper to protect my work surface as the clay just peels right off! Try and get the smoothest finish you can in the clay as any indents will show in the final decorations. 
Step 2: Cut your shapes out of your clay. I used stars but you can use whatever you want. Try and rotate your cutter to minimise clay wastage and get as many decorations as you can in one batch. 
Step 3: Poke a hole in your shapes so they can be hung once dry. Be super careful not to press too hard on the shapes as you may transfer finger prints! (Unless that's what you want, in which case go for it! Would be a nice family decoration)
Step 4: Firmly press your foliage into the clay. Rub over the foliage with your finger to ensure all of the pattern transfers.
Step 5: Leave to dry! Air dry clay takes about a day to dry per 0.5cm of thickness but I would suggest leaving for longer. Also remember to flip your decorations half way through the drying time so the backs have a chance to dry too.
 Step 6: Once dry, add twine to hang.
That's it! You're done!
These can be customised in so many different ways, using different shapes, foliage, or your could paint them! You could even scent them by dropping one or two drops of essential oils on them.


I'd love to see what you come up with if you give these a try :)
Helen xo

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