Tutorial: Silver clay (PMC) moon pendants

Okay, so let me say upfront this tutorial is for those of you that already have a jeweller's set up - I'm talking bench, torch, tumble, access to pickle - the standard silversmith stuff. For those of you that don't, you can totally take this idea and replicate it in normal fimo or something, just follow the guidance on the packet, and use this as more of a behind the scenes read! PMC is basically clay with silver particles in - you burn away the clay to leave behind a silver shape in it's place - magic!
roll out your clay
If you've never used precious metal clay before, there are some really great starter kits available that come with everything you need, but for these, we'll use silver PMC, roller and guides, work mat and then a hand torch, pickle, various files and a tumbler. You'll also need a jump ring and chain to attach your pedant to.
Also, PMC is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination - this is very much intended as a personal project, for those of you that just like making things!
First up, roll out your PMC using guidlines to get an even thickness - just like with normal clay! Cut out your shapes from this, being careful not to leave finger prints. We used a glue stick lid to get a good curve.
cut out your shapes
Add texture to your moons - we used a pencil (both ends) to add crater texture and used a silver stamp to create some stars. Remember to make a hole for your jump ring!
texture your shapes
Make sure your moons are exactly how you want them - smooth out any bumps or creases. Leave to dry. Really, really dry. Probably about three days, and then blast with a hair dryer to be sure. At this point you want to fire your moons. Follow the instructions on your packet of clay as this varies, but in general you want to heat until the orange glow appears, and then quench. This will burn off the clay, leaving only the silver behind. Be careful not to heat too much or this will melt the silver.
Pop into pickle and remove once done. At this point, look if you need to do any filing to neaten up your shapes, and then do it if needed.
Pop a jump ring and chain on and admire your beautiful new pendants.
moon pendants  
I really really love working with PMC - the main downside is the cost though, so it's only used every now and again, but look at the results!


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