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Tumble and Rose: We're in Mollie Makes magazine! (Issue 104)


So the title of the post gives it away entirely, but I’ve got some exciting news! Our* amethyst rings are featured in the ‘Introducing’ section of Mollie Makes magazine issue 104 and they’ve written up quite the cute little description about the process behind the rings. It’s out now if you wanted to grab your own copy.

I absolutely adore Mollie Makes and seeing my work in their magazine was one of my goals for 2019 so I’m very happy to say I’ve smashed it.

I’ve restocked the amethyst rings just in case there’s a huge rush (!) but if you have come to this little corner of the internet via the feature, please let me know!

Now I just need to convince them to let me do a tutorial, and get a picture of Dusty in it…

* Helen xo


*(my? It’s just me running Tumble and Rose but I feel like I should say ‘our’ as a brand – thoughts?)

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