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May news! [New things, crystal drop and Covid shipping info]

Hello all,
Happy May! I know it's not quite the one we were hoping for, what with...the situation...but I hope things are starting to settle for you and emotions are running less raw. April was awful for me personally  - very low emotionally and energy wise - I've always wanted more time to do stuff but when I got it, it wasn't quite what I expected. Anyway, May has been way more creative and positive - you might have noticed a few new things round here - there's been a website redesign (you can now search by theme - night skies / minimal / crystals / nature), a whole new crystal drop and lots of new pieces of jewellery, oh and some floral resin ring cones too that you guys just can't seem to get enough of!
On a postage note, the postal service seems to have stabilised a bit, so we're back to acception international orders - you'll get a shipping email with a tracking number once your order is on the way - please see the updated Covid-19 shipping info page for more infomation.
So what's new in the shop?
- A whole lot of personalisable jewellery for that extra personal touch, including this moon necklace which along with the fern necklace and botanical ring is I think my most favourite thing I've ever made...
Moon necklace
Lots of new crystals - these quartz palmstones seem to be a particular favourite!
quartz palmstone
I've also finally come up with a mandala design I'm happy with, along with a few other band rings...
mandala ring
 I'm currently working on some spell candles that I'm hoping to get into the shop soon and working on some other designs now I've got the time - what would you like to see?

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