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The Tumble & Rose everyday guide to crystals

Crystals are magical in every respect - whether they spark a childlike interest and make you want to collect them all, or whether or not you find their unique energies help you, I think we can all agree that there is something innately magical about them, whatever your definition of the word.

This page gathers together all of the different crystals we use here at Tumble and Rose and provides a little bit of information about them to help you make your choices. This page is set up as a blog post so you can ask any questions you have in the comments section and we'll answer you there.


Quartz palmstones


Where we talk about the powers and energies of crystals, we've gone for the most commonly accepted uses in the the metaphysical world, but each crystal has different powers for each person, so if a crystal resonates with you, go for it regardless of the use stated here - crystals and the energies you feel from them are a very personal thing! Some people feel that raw crystals and tumbled/polished crystals have different properties - here at Tumble and Rose we work with both, so you can find the right form for you, but don't stress about it too much.

We've not talked about 'birthstones' here as you shouldn't feel you should or can't connect with a stone because of your birth month - we will pop up another blog post about birthstones though as we know people like giving them as gifts!

We also use the terms 'crystal' and 'stone' interchangeably, and whilst they do have defined separate meanings, we use them here as all encompassing terms.

Agate - A pretty good starter crystal - super common, and is normal found in dyed slices, showcasing colour bands and points at the centre. An interesting stone, formed of different types of quartz and chalcedony. Agate is often used in homeware, such as coasters or bookends, and when dyed bright colours, form the basis of most childhood crystal collections - who doesn't have a small bright pink slice of agate somewhere, probably picked up from a museum?

Energies wise, Agate is good for courage, strength and grounding.

There are so many different types of agate available, but here at Tumble and Rose we love working with Moss Agate - so called because of the beautiful deep green mossy patterns that are suspended inside the stone.



Amethyst – The deep purple stone that forms the basis of most crystal collections. Naturally occurring in clusters, amethyst can vary from light to deep purple. It is a form of quartz, and is probably one of the most well known crystals out there. It has been used in jewellery since ancient times but is also frequently tumbled or left as points for collectors.

Amethyst is believed to have transformational powers, be the stone of protection and help with sleep.

You'll find lots of amethyst around Tumble and Rose HQ if you were ever to look around - it's our original favourite crystal as we have collected some pretty special pieces over the years. Top tip for amethyst crystal care - don't leave it in direct sunlight as this can fade the purple tones, and if you have a cluster, make sure to dust and clean it fairly regularly so you don't dull its power.


Ametrine – Ametrine is stunning - there's no two ways about it. Ametrine is a mix of both amethyst and citrine - these are both quartz forms that have been exposed to different levels of heat radiation whilst in the earth's surface and the colour is determined by the level of heat they experienced - Ametrine is a piece that was mid transition, with veins of yellow citrine running through the purple of amethyst. It is relatively rare compared to other crystals. Long story short, along with smokey quartz (which we'll get to later), we're OBSESSED. 

Ametrine holds the energy of both citrine and amethyst and is viewed as a very powerful, all round great crystal.

Like amethyst, leave this out of direct sunlight or it will start to lose colour vibrancy.

Bloodstone – Bloodstone is an opaque dark green stone with red speckles. It's been used in jewellery since the middle ages and has A LOT of different myths connected with it. It's pretty commonly used in modern day stories as a magical stone too...

Bloodstone is stone of courage, magic and protection.

Carnelian – A deep rust to pale orange coloured stone with a slight translucence - another form of chalcedony. Carnelian is frequently found in Brazil and India, where it's been used for carvings and jewellery since jewellery was first made...

Carnelian sets your inner flame alight and helps with confidence, energy and creativity - an all round positivity booster!

Celestite – Baby blue crystal points, usually found inside geodes in Madagascar. Also known as Celestine.

Celestite is a super calming stone, and is great for inspiration and enhancing your intuition.

Care tip - celestite in cluster form is pretty soft - the little points seem to want to separate from each other, so handle with care! This is another crystal that fades in the sun, so keep in a shaded spot to keep the beautiful blue shades bright!

Citrine – Another crystal collection powerhouse and a stone you might be familiar with - Citrine is a bright yellow form of quartz, naturally found in clusters. Natural citrine is rare, so most citrine out there is super heat treated amethyst, mimicking the process that citrine undergoes in the ground. 

Citrine is the sunshine stone - great for positive energy, creativity and setting/smashing your goals!

Care tip - although citrine looks like sunshine in a stone, it actually fades in direct sunlight. If you've got a cluster, make sure you give it a bit of love occasionally with a wash or dust!

Desert RoseA bit of an outlier on this list that is often overlooked as it's not a 'traditionally' beautiful crystal, but it packs a punch! It's a form of selenite formed from ancient desert sand, often found in Mexico and Morocco. As the name suggests, this little stone resembles a rose made out of sand.

A powerful stone for focus and grounding, it also helps with rebalancing negative emotions.

Care tip - as the name might suggest, this little guy loves to be dry! Don't get it wet...dust occasionally but never wash!


Desert Rose


Emerald - You know the Emerald City? Well, that's a bit misleading - only very few emeralds are a translucent green - most are a deep opaque green with black inclusions. Emerald is another one that is frequently cut into gemstones and used in precious jewellery.

Emerald has been long prized for its ability to attract good fortune and health.

Fluorite – This crystals is another showstopper and Tumble and Rose favourite. Fluorite contains bands of green, purple and sometimes blue. It's really beautiful, which makes it a prize for most collectors.

The energies of fluorite are said to vary according to its dominant colour, but in general is it seen as a stone of focus, productivity and creativity - a great one for any home office!

Care tip - like most brightly coloured translucent crystals, Fluorite doesn't fare well in direct sunlight!

Hematite – A deep black-silver once polished, Hematite looks and feels a bit more like a metal than a crystals. It has magnetic properties once highly heated, and looks rusty red in its natural state. Hematite is a satisfying stone to hold - very tactile!

Hematite is used for anchoring and grounding, recharging, protection balance and calming.

Kyanite – An interesting blue stone that forms in flat layers - raw kyanite specimens are known as blades. Kyanite also occurs in a black form.

Kyanite is known as an energy purifier with strong cleansing and communication properties - kyanite necklaces are favoured as it holds the stone close to the throat.

Care tip - handle carefully! Kyanite can be a bit flakey when raw - polished wands are way stronger. 

Labradorite - When polished Labradorite contains a dark rainbow of flashy colours - blues, greens, purples, yellows...it's a really mesmerising stone that is prized in most crystal collections for it's mesmerising, magical appearance.

Labradorite is great for intuition, wisdom and protection.

Moonstone Like Labradorite, Moonstone looks like one of the most magical stones out there. At the other end of the spectrum, Moonstone is white based and contains flashes of blues once polished, as well as greens and yellows. 

Obviously Moonstone is great for moon magic, but also intuition and tapping your subconcious.

Here at Tumble and Rose, we love moonstone and use any excuse we can to include it in our jewellery...

Peridot - Like emerald, peridot is frequently used for jewellery and is on the green end of the spectrum. It's a very light, lemony green, and naturally forms little chunks that are on the more opaque end of things - specimens are prized for their clarity, and these are the ones frequently cut into gemstones.

Peridot is a stone of positivity.



Pyrite – 'Fools Gold' - most like seen when you panned for gold as a child, but this stone is a little supercharged powerhouse and packs quite a punch. It was used in ancient Greece to start fires (pyr=fire) and naturally forms little cubes and octahedrons.

Metaphysically, Pyrite is great at instilling confidence, bringing luck, productivity and creativity - we keep a chunk with us at all times...(plus it's pretty cool to look at!)

Care tip - although this is frequently used for panning for gold at theme parks, it shouldn't actually be exposed to water due to its metallic nature - so keep it dry!

Quartz – Who has a crystal collection that didn't start with clear quartz? Probably very few! Quartz is THE default crystal that people think of, and is an all round great piece of kit. Quartz is actually used in pretty much all modern technology - take that for power!

Quartz is a great all rounder, but is especially good for transformation, clarity and healing. It's basically an essential crystals for everything!

Rose Quartz - A light pink form of Quartz, and where the name Tumble and Rose came from! We used to collect tumbled rose quartz stones and the name kind of stuck. Rose Quartz doesn't form clusters like traditional quartz and instead is usually found in lumps which are then tumbled to make them smooth.

The traditional stone of love and compassion, Rose Quartz is also lovely for when you need to be a bit kinder to yourself.

Care tip, again, like most coloured quartz forms, Rose Quartz fades in direct sunlight.

Sardonyx – Super similar to carnelian, but also contains bits of onyx, Sardonyx is a stripey stone consisting of orange and brown-black hues.

Sardonyx is a stone of strength, stability, protection and grounding.

Selenite – Named after the Moon Goddess Selene, Selenite is the ultimate moon magic stone. It forms in flakey white 'lasers' and when the light hits it just right, reflects just the like moon. It's a really beautiful stone which is now gaining popularity for use in homeware as well as jewellery.

The ultimate crystal for cleansing, clearing and setting new moon intentions/full moon reflections. Usually handily in a wand format. Selenite is also used to charge other crystals, so can be shaped into small plates and bowls.

Care tip - Selenite is super similar to kyanite in terms of structure, so handle with care and expect a bit of flaking. Also, as it's a soft stone, don't submerge it in water as it will start to absorb it.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz – Probably our favourite stone of the moment, Smokey Quartz is a variety of quartz with black and brown colouring - kind of looking like smoke is trapped inside a quartz point! Smokey quartz elestials can sometimes also contain amethyst and citrine, creating a magical little powerhouse.

Smokey Quartz is great for grounding, calming, stress relief and meditation.

Care tip, again, leave out of direct sunlight.

Tangerine Quartz – Another quartz form, this time orange! This is due to little iron particles inside or on the crystal, creating a little rust effect.

Tangerine Quartz is said to be good for body positivity, confidence, sensuality, and ..ahem...bedroom activities.

Despite being metal based and a form of quartz, this one is significantly less sensitive to the elements!

Tiger’s Eye - A shimmery golden brown stone with lots of magical depths of colour - super retro and popular in the 70's, and also named checked in our favourite film ever, Practical Magic. Tiger's Eye is amazingly tactile when polished and seems to colour shift in front of your eyes.

Tiger's Eye is great for change, courage, activation and protection.

Tourmaline -  Last but not least, Tourmaline. A crystal that forms in rectangles, ranging from black to pink and green to blue. Black tourmaline is the most widely available, with watermelon tourmaline being the rarest.

Tourmaline is the ultimate stone of protection, grounding and recharging. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the crystals out there, but it does cover the crystals you can get from Tumble and Rose, hopefully helping you choose! 

Like we said earlier, if you've got any questions, please leave a comment below and we'll do our best to answer them! Please also let us know if there's any other crystals you'd like to see! We'll do another little post on ways to cleanse your crystals, crystals for birthstones and stones for chakras.

- T&R xoxo

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