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Tried and tested: 4 plastic free, vegan, natural deodorants

4 natural vegan deodorants
Since switching to a natural deodorant a few years ago after reading up on the damage to the environment (and possibly my body) that traditional antiperspirants were doing, I've tried more than my fair share in an attempt to find the perfect one - I've definitely found a few duds that just weren't suitable for me but I've also found some star products. In this quick little blog I'll run through the best ones that've found in a range of different types (bar, crystal, paste and balm). If you'd rather seen it in the form of a quick little video, I've done a reel on Instagram here. All of these products are vegan, plastic free, made in the UK and use natural ingredients.
Salt of the earth plastic free
This was the first natural deodorant I tried and would make a good starting point for people wanting to make the switch. It's very simple - just one ingredient which is a natural alum salt. To use it, you wet the stick and rub it into your arm pit. It takes a bit of getting used to and it does mean you need to be near a water source when you use it, but popping it on straight after the shower is just as good. 
Pros: Lasts a long time, easy to find on the high street (Holland and Barrett), cheapest option
Cons: Need to be near water, slightly drying on my armpits, once you're super sweaty (think end of gym class) it can't handle the smell 
Lush deodorant
Completely packaging free, light citrus scented, and rather pretty, this deodorant bar from Lush is a great naked option. It's light citrus scent does well to stop odour and as the bar is powder based, keeps you feeling drying for longer than other options. Just hold the blue wax bottom and rub the top into your arm pit.
Pros: Easily found on the high street (Lush shops), completely packaging free, light citrus scent
Cons: Not the best for super sensitive armpits, need to pop it in a tin for travelling, doesn't last all day if you sweat a lot
fit pit natural deo
This is more of a paste to be honest rather than a balm. Take a pea sized amount and rub into your armpit to use. There is an unscented version of this which is great for super sensitive skin, or there are some pretty floral and citrus scents too. The small size is a pro and a con - great for travel, but you will run out quickly. I've found the staying power of these to be great as they do last all day but they are quite heavily bircarb based which stung to start with, so not the best match for super sensitive armpits.
Pros: Range of scents and sensitve option, lasts all day, easy to use
Cons: Hard to find (online only), not great for sensitive pits, small pot
Scence deodorant
These are by far my favourite of my top 4 options listed here but they are also admittedly the most expensive, and if you told me a few years ago I'd be spending £12 on deodorant I wouldn't have believed you - they're so worth it though. These one are a super easy to apply balm that you just slide on - they're super moisturising, great for sensitive pits and last all day. They also come in a huge range of scents (and unscented) - Summer Citrus is my favourite.  
Pros: Super kind to your arm pits, lasts all day, smells great
Cons: Pricey, not widely available 
So there's my top 4 natural deodorants - hopefully this little guide will help you find one for you and save you a bit of money navigating the sea of natural deos out there (trust me, I've found a few duds in my time...) Let me know how you get on!

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